Ayanay pronounced A an A, is the first psychological Accreditation Service in the UK to recognise, collaborate and support all professions that benefit from psychological awareness. Ayanay Psychological Accreditation, affectionately known as APA, launched on 4th July 2019, with a dedicated focus to Elevate, Provide, Increase, Create Positive Mental Health.

APA has led the way in streamlining the Accreditation Process and embracing the principles of Empathy, Congruence, and Unconditional Positive Regard. Ensuring the Ethical and Professional Conduct Protocols for all APA Members, whatever profession they work in, are an elevation of what had been available before APA. Whilst maintaining an ever growing capacity to support our members and increase the systemic protection of the public and those in need of psychological support. APA’s ethos, delivery and evolution is fit for purpose and this is known as #theapaway.

APA launched with a full understanding of the need and benefit of collaboration. Knowing that by engaging, learning and growing with others was a fundamental component for success, mot just for APA but other sectors too. A major focus for APA has been positive support for areas where psychological awareness is vital yet woefully under supported, notably, Children’s Social Care, Education, Youth Engagement, Crime Reduction and Emotional Awareness. This led in 2022 to the production of APA’s Framework for Positive Mental Health. The most comprehensive range of supportive recommendations from the Psychological Sector in decades.

With APA’s Psychologically Alert Level (PAL) Membership designed specifically to be open to professionals that use psychological awareness in their day to day work, APA brought Psychological support to individuals that are often expected to function without adequate, or meaningful assistance or appropriate mental health knowledge, for themselves or those they work with.

PAL Membership opens up a whole network of Psychologically aware professionals as well as access to some of the UK most responsive Qualified Therapeutic Professionals. Not only do PAL Members benefit from being part of the APA Exclusive Community but the access to direct 1-2-1 support is also second to none. With 2hours FREE dedicated access to a Qualified Therapeutic Supervisor a year, (as you require), 100’s of hours of Certifiable Professional Development Videos available for FREE, as well as discounted indemnity Insurance available via Holistic Insurance Services, for those professionals who require it.

Positive Mental Health in Social Care

Foster Carer’s, Special Guardians, Kinship Carer’s, Adoptive Parents, Assessment Practitioners, Independent Reviewing Officers, Social Workers, Team Managers, to name a few, will always be dependant on their psychological awareness, but rarely is this awareness positively reinforced, nurtured and supported. It is however, frequently sited as a reason for professional burn out. APA’s PAL Membership offers professionals an effective support system that protects and promotes positive mental health, while enhancing psychological resilience. Which can only benefit those professionals, their working environment and those they support.

APA and #theapaway, puts Positive Mental Health at the core of functional social care, building the phenomenal efforts to create effective, evolution and successful life affirming outcomes for some of the most vulnerable people in the country. Supporting positive Mental Health in Social Care is more than just raising awareness of factors and elements of trauma, abuse and survival mindsets, it is more than understanding legal protections and system protocols, it is also about empowerment, positive endorsement, effective risk awareness and reduction, it is about life choices and aspirations for a future away from statutory engagement. APA Membership supports this and more.

Supporting professionals and Social Care employers through the training programmes from the APA Community Learning Platform and the Framework for Positive Mental Health creates an effective environment for positive outcomes that benefit everyone.