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The National Union of Foster Carers supports foster carers from all walks of life.

You need to be a member for at least two calendar months before any help and advice can be given.

What do our members say about us?


“It is such a shame that foster carers have to go to these lengths in order for Children’s Services to do the right thing. They are always complaining of being overworked, busy, etc but by not doing the right thing it seems they make more work for themselves in the long run! It makes no sense. They have been getting away with abusing their powers for so long that it has become second nature. All I can say is thank God for this Union. Without your intervention, I honestly do not think that I would have made much headway in getting this result and the waiting game would have been stretched out even longer.”

NUPFC Member

“I am very impressed with the support recieved from NUPFC. They do what they say they will do which is so refreshing, if you need to talk they are there. I would seriously reccommend that every foster carer joins for peace of mind, everything may be OK now but it can change suddenly withthe fostering service who can ignore and isolate you. Thank you NUPFC.”

NUPFC Member