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Date: 29/05/2023

“Our ‘independent’ support turned out to be the chair of our fostering panel! You couldn’t make it up. 🤦 ”

Yes, this really is a genuine comment from a foster carer, even though you might think we are making it up we aren’t.

What we are finding is the lack of accountability local authorities have combined with foster carer’s precariously vulnerable working status leads to this kind of bad practice.

How could a foster carer possibly expect a fair chance to defend themselves in this situation??

That’s why you need to join the union, for the only proper representation, case work and real defence in what is a disciplinary procedure.

Join us today, as just like car insurance you have to be a member before something happens.

Date: 30/05/2023

Disappointed that they felt justified in spending the money on this. More research and a report saying exactly the same thing with no solutions.

Also from a union point of view, there is just one tiny paragraph on allegations, whats that all about?

The misuse and kangaroo courts of allegations control foster carers and keep them silenced working in a climate of fear.

This acutely affects retention and also recruitment as foster carers are the best recruiters.

What else do you find disappointing about this ‘research’?

Link to Report

Date: 31/05/2023

So the latest ‘research’ by the Fostering Network and KPMG has come up with their ‘data’ as to why we are not retaining carers.

Show more respect, reduce social worker turnover, listen more to foster carers, more mentoring schemes, financial help, short breaks, information sharing and less change of social workers.

👉 Here we have another report, that cost loads of money, a report with NO SOLUTIONS whatsoever.

👉 No mention of the fact foster carer’s working status is misclassified, no mention of the rights we should have but don’t, no mention of the fact that for any of the above to change so must our working status and the whole culture of children’s services.

As the foster carer workforce is diminishing (never mind needing 26k by 2025) and recruitment at a standstill, the government continue to listen to organisations that do not have foster carers at their heart.

It would be wonderful to see as many as possible on the first day of our case (20th June).

It’s not just for members, it’s for all foster carers.

Date: 01/06/2023

“The most trivial, opinions and misunderstandings are often turned from what should be dealt with as a standard of care and help to an allegation with no help! This is especially common if carers have been vocal in advocating for their foster child and used as a way to reprimand the carer! The Union are completely independent and not afraid to speak out on behalf of our members to protect them.”

Robin Findlay, General Secretary

What would you rather, someone who doesn’t (isn’t allowed to) speak in meetings or panels, who doesn’t challenge false reports, doesn’t challenge lack of evidence or facts, but comes round for a cup of tea and a chat or…

Robin and his team defending you?

Date: 02/06/2023