For many years, Robin arranged conferences and events around the world, he has a background in immigration law and is a former foster carer. Using his experience as a foster carer and other fields he founded the National Union of Professional Foster Carers to give carers the protection and support not provided elsewhere.

Join MAD4 Films on March 30, 2023 – 7:00 PM (GMT) with special guest Robin Findlay for an online foster care event and film screening of their award-winning short film, Be-Longing. This powerful film tells the story of Khoji, a 9-year ‘looked after’ boy living within a foster family in London.

This, they have found, is a great way to open up the director Q&A and discussion with their guests around foster care, the effects it has on young people in difficult circumstances, and how they can best support them throughout this process.

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